A Guide to Buying the Best Dryer

Dryer are as important as a washing machine but most times, we give all the credit to the washing machine alone. Forgetting that without a durable dryer, the washing machine will not be a total package of convenience and will not save you a lot of time as it promised.

There are so many types and colors of dryer in the market today; and as such, their capacity differs. A lot of innovation and improvement has happened to the manufacturing of dryers this few years. Manufacturers put in a lot of work to make sure that dryers get better for our convenience. With our guide for buying the best dryer, you are certain to make the best choice during your purchase. 

Between an electric dryer and a gas dryer, which one gives the best performance?

One of the frequently asked questions is: which performs better between an electric dryer and a gas dryer? This is a perfect question especially if you are buying a dryer for the first time. However, it is good to understand that dryers have 4 components and a graded with that. The components includes; tumbling, heat, time and airflow. In measuring this, we found out that both electric and gas dryers perform the same but you can find their difference in their prices.

An electric dryer cost about $60 less than a gas dryer but know that there are different fuel cost for different region. And so, electric dryers may eventually cost you about $20 a year as you use it. Furthermore, it might be capital intensive trying to switch from your existing dryer type to another; for instance, you are switching from an electric dryer to a gas dryer or vice versa, getting an electrician or a plumber to install it might cost you up to $500 and more depending on the work needed.