Blenders Buying Guide

Blenders are your everyday solution for whipping soups and smoothies. There are many types of blenders, and depending on your requirements, you will still need a better blender. You can spend as much as $500 on a blender or can pay only $30 for a plastic blender. If you pay a high price, that will mean you will get better functionality, performance and versatility. Still, depending on the blender’s durability, some blenders will break the blades inside even blending ICE. We have brought you a buying guide, which will help you decide on a better blender with better durability.

How Blenders are Tested

The blenders are tested in our labs by whipping almost everything on it, from crushing ice, puree and even making icy drinks. By blending all of these things, we then check the durability, noise levels, and performances of the blenders that we test.