Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Printer

With so many people working from home now a days, there is a need for a printer for your home office. But even it is not for work related documents needing to print, every home should have a decent printer. Presently, documents and photos are kept in laptop drives and cloud services. But to turn your memories of vacations or trips into physical materials, you need a good printer. Thankfully, a good printer is not as expensive as you would think. Basic inkjet printers are available in the hundred dollars range, or you can get models with many features just under four hundred dollars.

Choose between Laser and Inkjet

The choice of printer depends upon the items you want to print and how much you need to print. Both laser and inkjet printers have their advantages and disadvantages.

Inkjet Printer: Inkjet printer is a good choice if you want to print a combination of graphics, text and photos. Inkjet printers are less brand reliable and have lower ratings of owner satisfaction.

White and black text of five to eighteen pages can be produced in a minute. But it works slowly for colored photos. Our tested models take up to four minutes for single high quality. The cost of a colour eight by ten inches photo is from fifty cents to two dollars. The cost of a black-text page varies from two to ten cents.

Borderless prints on four by six-inch paper can also be produced by inkjets. If you frequently do this, search for a four by six or second paper tray printer which can easily feed the paper. The cost of a four by the six-inch snapshot is as cheap as twenty cents.

Laser Printer: A laser printer is a good choice if you want to print text documents. It can make black and white text and also print some graphics. A laser printer is not good to print photos. Even models that can print in colours give poor photo quality.

A laser printer cannot adjust paper of different sizes like four by six or greeting cards etc. Laser printers are better than inkjet printers, particularly in speed. It can produce black and white text pages from nine to twenty-five per minute. Laser printers are more valid than inkjet printers.

Black and white laser printers are as costly as midpriced inkjet printers. Laser cartridges cost about fifty to a hundred dollars. They can print thousands of black and white pages from one to six cents for a page.