How to Choose the Best Computer for Your Needs

It is not inconvenient to opt for a new computer. A lightweight laptop has the advantage of being taken anywhere anytime with no difficulty. Laptops serve you for seven or more hours with no electricity. Laptops have a wide range of types and models. Desktop is better for working at home or office. It keeps your posture well and is energy efficient. Some even have built-in screens as well. An all-in-one computer though may cost you much but are more appealing.

The functioning of both Mac and PC are deliberately talked about. Almost All the software can be run on both of them; still, desktops have the advantage of playing games. You may also write a text message on your Mac or PC while pairing your cell phone to them.


These are mobile computers. They have specialized parts and are expensive ones. Opting for the right model depends on the screen. You may go for ratings while taking this feature into consideration.

Small (Screen Size from 10 to 13 inches)

These are the lightest ones computer. As for as batteries are concerned, they have 15 hours back up which can carry out your whole day’s work. This is the best option for those who travel more.

Medium Size (14 to 16-inch screen)

Medium size computers are better in performance and in price as well and are a better replacement for desktops as they have graphic processors.

Larger Size (17 to 18 screen size)

This is the best option for a family who set together while watching on it. You can open many windows, worksheets along with some other screen on it at the same time and has the benefit of mobility, can store more data and perform more efficiently.