Security Cameras Features to Protect Your Property

Crime has increased exponentially throughout neighborhoods in America that used to be “safe” for our families. Porch pirates and stealing of catalytic converters from our cars right on our driveways is now sadly a norm. With the varieties of security cameras and the multiple price ranges for a home’s need, more and more homes are securing their properties with these devices. Cameras have been in usage for decades to monitor businesses. Cameras have replaced the old system of VCR.

Types of Cameras

Bullet Cameras: These are cylindrical cameras with many wired systems. These are very useful for exact coverage. They can be left for work after initiating them.

Dome Cameras: These cameras are mounted on the ceiling. Some cameras can be fixed while other cameras can be controlled remotely to tilt and zoom etc.

Wireless Cameras:  These Wi-Fi cameras are popular these days. Few of them are powered by a battery, and some still need a cable for a power connection.